Benifiets of running everyday,Benifiets of Running in the morning

Benefiet of Running- 

Running is type of full body exercise,which uses your full body,you can do running everywhere.on the road,in the playground,in the forest it improved aerobic ruuning is great way to improve burns lots of calories and build strength.


Benifiets of running everyday;-

Running daily strengthens muscles,running increases the density of bones and also waist bone

Running regularly improves our digestive system and also reduces gas from the body' stomach also become clean.Running reliefs from bone and muscles pain.

Benifiets of Running in the morning;
  • Running eliminates extra calories from your body,due to which the extra fat burn of your body also burn,burning fat makes your body fit and attractive
  • By doing running,all muscles train from your body and you look muscular,the core area of your body also make strong.Because by running there ismore pressure on your core which we call abs

  • Your joints also strengthend by running,the knee part also strenghten and many bones of your body makes strong.
     The right way to RUN    
  • you can do Running anytime in the morning or evering But morning running is considered best,Because in the morning the weather is good and the air is also clear and body is in metabolism which helps to burn Fat ,barefoot rnuning on green glass help to improve eyesight.
  • Running makes your's body blood flow faster.Which increases the level of oxygen in you body,which makes your brain faster.

  • Before running,do workout for 10-20 minutes.streching,Zig Zag and warm up 
  • After running,do it again for 30 min .Such as;- pull ups,jumping ropes,push ups etc 
  • Take one to two days of rest every week.This gives relaxations to the muscles and feet,which is very important for body.
  • Before running definitely eat something like Banana,eggs,black coffee and add more and more protein,calcium should be taken in your diet.
  • never run on sandy and rough road.

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Benifiets of running everyday,Benifiets of Running in the morning